CNY Movie - Agent Mr Chan - 25th Jan

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After a mission failure results in a 20 year banishment, agent Chan is forced to go under cover as the complete opposite of his suave and debonair self. He's on a mission to prove he's ready to take back his position as the world's best secret agent.

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Classic Chinese New Year movies & treats at the Wheel

An early happy Chinese New Year blessing from us! From the first to forth day of Chinese New Year, we will be playing some Hong Kong's favourite traditional CNY movies on the massive HD screen at the Hong Kong Observation Wheel!

Join us for this excellent opportunity to be sat outdoors watching some joyful movies, together with your family whilst soaking up the gleeful atmosphere of CNY, the special festive ticket price of HKD38 is the cherry on top!

There will also be radish cakes and Chinese glutinous rice cakes  available for sale on site! Check out what movies are on and buy your tickets before they sell out!