Girls with Guitars #10

The Underground

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We’re delighted to bring back our Girls with Guitars showcases with our 10th Edition, which is also part of our 15th Anniversary Celebrations. These hand-picked bands all have at least one member who is a girl with a guitar. 

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Whizz is a band of four girls, YuShan Wong (vocalist), Moo(guitarist), Bowie Ling (bassist) and Jess Leung (drummer)from Hong Kong. They started their band at the end of March, 2019.

Winter Bagels

Winter Bagels is an acoustic-pop girl band formed in Jan 2016, Kaki and Cup are both lead vocalist and guitarist. “Everyone is a bagel” : having a heart with simplicity, born to be genuine. Winter-borns decided to form a group in this cold season, using our music to fill up the emptiness inside hearts. 

Sunset Moth

Jules, Godfrey, Joseph and Kevin are Sunset Moth, an indie outfit with a story to tell. Fronted by UK singer-songwriter Jules O’Brien, Sunset Moth’s explosive love songs, relatable tantrums, and splashes of summery folk-pop have graced numerous great stages and events in Hong Kong since their inception in late 2018.

So it Goes

So It Goes is formed by pessimistic optimists who find joy in darkness. In Slaughterhouse-Five, the phrase “so it goes” follows every occurrence of death no matter the circumstance. Of course, to look back is human, and humanity, including its darkness, weakness and ugliness, is both fascinating and enduring, but when one is encumbered by the inevitable and tragic vicissitudes of life, there is no choice but to keep going.