Rave Ma² Presents: The Cave

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Welcome to The Cave of Rave! ⛰⛰


Rave Mama is excited to announce a 2 ROOM event coming this fall at a SECRET BASEMENT on Saturday 16 November 2019. If you still remember our last Secret Warehouse Rave, this time we have a larger venue to further cater for everyone's raving needs!


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Let us present our stage:


Rave Room (Main Room) 

Douglas Black (Progressive)

Simtub (Techno / Hard Techno)

LonSkii (Hard Trance / Tech Trance)


Psy Room (2nd Room) 

C R i P Z (Techno / Psy)

Randy Tsoi (Progressive Psy / Full on Psy)

Spaceslut (Dark Psy)

BLK-7 (High Tech)


Stay Tuned for more announcements soon! 


------------------- EVENT DETAIL -------------------

Date: 16 November 2019, Saturday

Time: 11:00PM - 5:00AM

Location: Secret Basement in Hong Kong




PM us if you would like to come, venue would only be sent to people who provide us with an email address. Venue won't be released until closer to the event date.


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