SportsHour: Street Workout 101 Hour (29th Aug)

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Think of this as an introduction to gymnastics based calisthenics workout, start with simple bodyweight trainings and then progress your way up to tackle some of the advanced tricks such as planche push ups and handstands.

Your Coach:


Rocky Kwok


Founder of Hong Kong China Calisthenics Association, 2018 Street Workout Hong Kong Champion


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SportsHour is a non profit-making advocay campaign which encourages 5-17 year-old children and youths to meet the recommendation set by the World Health Organisation on physical activity for health, to accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigororous intensity physical daily. It is important for the public to recgonize, inspire the next generation and lead by example, the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle.


About InspiringHK Sports Foundation:

InspiringHK Sports Foundation is a local charity established in 2012, with a vision of developing better youths through sports. Our mission is to promote social mobility, gender equality, social inclusion, and a healthy lifestyle through sports. We carry out our mission through professional sports training, learning experience activities and advocacy activities.

凝動香港體育基金是根據《稅務條例》第88條獲豁免繳稅的慈善團體,於 2012 年成立,一直秉承「以體育造就青年」的願景,致力透過體育提升基層青年的社會流動力,並同時宣揚性別平等、社會共融和健康生活。本會通過體育訓練項目、學習經歷活動和運動倡議工作三大範疇來履行使命。


About AIA Vitality Park
AIA Vitality Park at the Hong Kong Observation Wheel is a brand new wellness area at the iconic Central Harbour front which promotes fitness, exercise, and healthy living.
位於中環海濱HKOW香港摩天輪旁的AIA Vitality Park是個推廣運動及健康生活為主題的運動公園,各種不同類型的精彩活動將會在此舉行。
You are recommended to bring your own equipment such as towel and spare clothes.  Please keep warm and wear comfortable sportswear to enjoy the workshop.
Earning AIA Vitality Points (For AIA Vitality members only):
AIA Vitality members can claim 50 AIA Vitality points by participating in this free class and declaring their attendance on AIA Vitality online platform. AIA Vitality may verify your points earning record by checking your attendance. Please click here for details
 賺取「AIA Vitality 健康程式」積分(AIA Vitality 健康程式」會員適用):
AIA Vitality 健康程式」會員可透過報名吸及出席此活動。並在AIA Vitality 網上平台表明已參加上述活動,便即可獲得50積分。「AIA Vitality 健康程式」可能會核您的活動出席記錄,以決定是否符合資格獲得有關積分。您亦可按此了解賺取積分詳情
RSVP information:
TECL reserves the rights in deciding the final RSVP list. We will inform you by email if the workshop is canceled.
TECL 對是次活動擁有修改及取消的權利。如果取消活動,你將會收到電郵通知。
Accident waiver and release of liability agreement:
When you sign up to an AIA Vitality Park Event, you agree to the accident waiver and release of liability agreement here:
當您登記參加 AIA Vitality Park 的活動時,代表你同意是次活動為風險自負的活動和同意以下條款,請量力而為及注意安全
Friendly Reminders:
Please be aware that photos taken in events may be used for the promotional purposes in the future.