Winter Extravaganza by French International School

Games, Gifts, Music, Show, Food & Drinks

Event Details

Please pre-load your payment card by Tuesday 27 November 2018 to avoid queuing. During the event, you can recharge your card by cash or credit card and get a cash refund when you leave. 

To help you plan your evening, below is a list of main activities and items at the event. The equivalent cash amount will be added to your card. 

Miniland + Wonderland + Discoland - 100 HKD
Funland - 20 HKD/activity
Celebration Wall - Handprint Tile - 500 HKD
FIS 'Mother of Water' Tote Bag - 120 HKD
Bottle of Champagne - Moët - 350 HKD

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Event Closed

More Details

To view the latest details of the TKO Opening Ceremony and Winter Extravaganza, please click here


About cash-free payment cards:

Pre-registering for your cashless card is the quickest and easiest way to enjoy the fun. Simply add value to your card. You will receive a QR code which you exchange for your pre-loaded card at TKO on 30 November. There will be value-adding areas at the event, so you may add more money (via cash or credit card) if you so require.


A free gift is offered to the first 300 cards booked online.


If you do not pre-register by Tuesday 27 November 2018 you may still buy a card at the event. Please bring cash and or your credit card to load onto your card. No cash will be accepted for any purchases at the event.


Fundraising goals

Money raised at this event will go directly to student-focused projects. Our goal is to fund playground and gardening equipment at Jardine’s Lookout, continue our adolescent well-being programmes at BPR and introduce sustainable development projects across the school.


Refunds on outstanding amounts:

If you have any value on your card at the end of the evening, you may receive a cash refund as you leave, or you may donate the amount to our FIS Fund. Please note that no refunds can be made once you have left the event and any outstanding amount will automatically go towards our Fundraising Goals.


Games & Activities

Something for everyone! 4 different “zones” designed to be safe and fun for different age groups. Once you have paid the zone fee using your cashless card, your child will be given a coloured stamp which will give unlimited time in their zone. Zones will close 30min before the end of the event. 


Miniland is designed for children up to 6 years old. It is located around the G/F kindergarten playground and includes a bouncy castle, face-painting and a variety of arts and craft activities.


Wonderland is designed for all children and especially age 6 to 11 years old. It is located on the G/F covered playground and includes a bouncy castle, lego, cooking workshop and other arts and crafts.


Discoland is designed to host a real disco for children with lights and music. It is located in the G/F in the kindergarten canteen.


Funland is designed for children from 9+ years old – parents are welcome. It is located in the 1/F gymnasium and includes games such as hoverball, sumo fight, and combat archery.


About the Celebration FIS Handprint Wall: 

Leave your mark on the walls of FIS by creating an individual or family handprint tile. Once dried and glazed, the tiles will be used to create a large-scale wall mural celebrating the opening of the Tseung Kwan O campus. Please keep in mind this is a first come first-time basis.


About the FIS limited edition “Mother of Water” Tote Bag: 

We are proud to introduce these stylish FIS Tote Bags, created using the recycled canvas of the artwork created by Hong Kong artist, Almond Chu. The massive artwork, “Mother of Water”, was displayed on the Tseung Kwan O façade during the construction phase. This imaginative project was made possible thanks to the generous support of philanthropists, Mr and Mrs Robert W. Miller. 

Each of these limited edition bags (200 pieces) is unique and represent a wonderful memento of the campus.


About the Moët Bottle of Champagne: 

Located in the adult-only area in the 1st-floor garden, the Champagne and oyster bar is a perfect area to relax and enjoy a privileged overview on the music stage and a direct access to the spa and beauty services.

Please keep in mind this is a first come first-time basis.







Responsibility agreement

Students attending the TKO Ceremony from 4:30 pm to 6 pm are under the supervision of their teacher. Once the parade ends, children go back to their classroom where parents should pick them up. Parents are responsible for their child’s wellbeing and safety from 6 pm onwards.


Friendly Reminders

Please be aware that photos taken in events may be used for the promotional purposes in the future.