Hot N Spicy Comedy Night (We Are Back!)




WE ARE BACKKKKK… Hot N Spicy Comedy! It’s been one hell of 5 months of doing nothing for many of us, now it’s time to get your groove back on! Who loves to laugh? WE love to laugh! We have a fantastic lineup for you, they are eager to make you laugh and wet your pants as much as you do.


HEADLINER: JORDAN LEUNG - HOT on Instagram and the stage, you know you’re in for a TREAT! This hilarious guy will literally make you wet your pants from laughing


HOST: BRYAN BENTLEY - Our host will tell you everything about being a black guy in Hong Kong 


SATHISH KUMAR - This handsome devil, one of the finest exports from India 


ROSE RAGE - She is beauty, she is grace, she will surely cxm on your face


STEVE LEE - The one and only Steve Lee from the scene in Los Angeles


BIANCA LAU - She loves to see your teeth


CAUTION: Event may be too hot to handle, bring your tissues and booze! 


Enquiry: 55805268


+ 10.00 HKD 服務費