LaughterLaughs at the Aftermath: The World of Tamby Chan

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LaughterLaughs @ the Aftermath returns after five long months! The best and brightest stand-up comedians in Hong Kong, all on one show! Featuring Mohammed Magi, Cassi Thomas, Nick Milnes, Seth Waters, and this month's headliner: Tamby Chan!

“He’s so easy. So natural. And what’s even better, he’s so topical. ” - Barry Hilton

After immigrating to Canada at the age of 7, Tamby developed his sense of humor as a social defense mechanism in lieu of speaking fluent English. He has been continuously refining his comedic voice through trial and error ever since. 

Tamby represented Hong Kong in Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World Contest, was the winner of the Bangkok division of the Magners International Comedy Competition 2018, placed second at the regional finals, has been selected as a finalist at numerous international comedy festivals, and has appeared on TV like four times. His unique perspective, incisive writing, and adequate stage presence has made him a popular headline act around Asia. 

In addition to stand-up comedy shows, Tamby emcees and performs at private events. Past clients range from the very prestigious New Millenium Hotel, to the somewhat prestigious Canadians in HK group, to the not-at-all prestigious some guy's birthday party. Tamby also produces a range of comedy shows around Hong Kong including showcases, storyteller shows, roast battles, and variety shows featuring the best of local talent, marquee performers from around the world, as well as the worst of local talent.

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