Comedy @ Central: It's Mental Innit

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A unique night of stand-up comedy featuring five of the funniest neurodivergent performers in the scene. You will laugh. You will learn. You will cry. Actually you probably won't cry or learn anything. It's just a comedy show.
Note: ticket-holders will be emailed the name and location of the venue, a bar in Central, at 12am and 7:30pm on August 11. Please check your Spam folder.
Chris Musni is a San Francisco native who moved to Hong Kong to achieve his lifelong dream of fame and fortune. Failing that, he took the stage and developed a witty comedic style that forces the audience to ask themselves questions such as “Why are things the way they are?” or “When is this show going to end?”
When not onstage you can find Chris’s big nose in a nonfiction book while thinking he’s better than you or he might be shooting hoops with basketballs in Tseung Kwan O.
After immigrating to Canada at the age of 7, Tamby developed his sense of humor as a social defense mechanism in lieu of speaking fluent English. He has been continuously refining his comedic voice through trial and error ever since.
Tamby represented Hong Kong in Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World Contest, was the winner of the Bangkok division of the Magners International Comedy Competition 2018, placed second at the regional finals, has been selected as a finalist at numerous international comedy festivals, and has appeared on TV like four times.
Stand-up comedian Jordan Leung is serious about being funny.
The up-and-coming artist, who returned to Hong Kong from the US in 2020, has been learning Cantonese slang and catchphrases to tune in with the local audience. He enjoys pointing out local nuances and keeps a notebook in his pocket to help him develop ideas and structure them for a performance. Leung hopes locals can embrace and support other forms of the art.
Tim Lam is American Chinese and grew up in Singapore. Having originally worked in finance, he ended up in culinary school for a year, thus becoming the most disappointing Chinese first born son ever. These days, he enjoys telling dick and dead baby jokes for money and alcohol.
After bringing her therapist to tears (from laughter), Bailey A came to the conclusion that her brand of crazy might just be funny enough to do in front of someone she didn’t have to pay first.
Originally from Northern Canada, she spent her formative years in a basement watching stolen satellite channels from America, feasting on any and every film and television show. Now, Bailey is known across Hong Kong for her nostalgic geek-ridden trivia event “Millennial Quiz Night”, where she often subjects her quiz goers to light teasing and flogging for not remembering every single last pop culture detail of the past forty years.
New to standup, Bailey tackles topics such as mental health, the politics of interracial dating in Asia, transitioning into a retired bimbo, and her battle between self-deprecation and self-love.
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