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Here at Millennial Quiz Night, we believe that just about everyone could do with some fantasies about how life would be in a different world, on a different planet, or in a different era.

This February, embrace the weird, wild and wacky scenes of the best science fiction movies and television series over the past four decades with us, as we transport you to the intergalactic world's and parallel universes of silver-screen classics such as Men in Black and The Matrix, or tv shows Futurama and The X Files.

*Please register with your given names NOT team names*
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About Millennial Quiz Night
Born out of the frustration towards Hong Kong’s quiz nights catering mostly to baby boomers (and the atrocious notion of us never getting our supposedly demanded participation trophies) Millennial Quiz Night was created to give Millennials (the generation born between 1981–1997) a night of trivia specifically catered to them.
Test your knowledge of pop culture from the past four decades (no questions pre-date 1981) and current affairs! Win prizes and alcohol for your expert knowledge in the nostalgic memories you harbour from your days in front of the TV circa 1995 and your mom’s trashy magazines.
Rules & Deals
Create a team of 4, put your phones away, enjoy the food and drink specials and have fun while you battle for the glory of 1st place.
Purchase a ticket to secure your spot!
Please Register with your Given Name NOT Team Names