About Us

"We empower clients and deliver best-in-class technology solutions for event management and event operations.'

We offer an end-to-end solution for Ticketing, Access Control and RFID and are lucky to service a number of Asia largest events and venues including:


  • The AIA Great European Carnival, Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Hong Kong
  • Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, Singapore
  • The Great Circus of Europe, Hong Kong
  • AIA Vitality Park, Hong Kong



Zicket is a complete end-to-end event technology solution. Our system provides you with all the tools you need to get your event selling tickets, processing transactions, collecting insights and managing your customers.



We launched Zicket in August 2018 at the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, this led to a succession of key client & event wins. Despite being in operation for just 2 years we’ve racked up some impressive operational figures and have become a top Ticketing & RFID provider locally in Hong Kong. 



Our solution combines a team of event delivery experts with best-in-class technology to provide an agile and custom solution for both events and venues. 



Through a reputation for successful major event delivery, Zicket aims to enrich both clients and customers' event experiences through innovation and technology.


We are a team of event lovers with a passion for technology! Our core group of staff are young, passionate and forward-thinking this combined with support from the growing GEG Group and an experienced group of advisors, creates the balance between experience, technology and knowledge allowing us to service clients of any size and complexity. 


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We love to hear for you, contact our team to discuss how we can work together: sales@zicket.co