AIA Carnival (Off-Peak) | 友邦嘉年華 (非高峰時段)

Wednesday, 21 Feb 2024
12:00 — 22:00 HKT

AIA Carnival (Off-Peak) | 友邦嘉年華 (非高峰時段)

by AIA Carnival 友邦嘉年華 - Zicket


Central Harbourfront Event Space 中環海濱活動空間 9 Lung Wo Road 龍和道9號 hong kong 香港 HK

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香港最喜愛的大型戶外活動,友邦嘉年華今年冬季會回到中環海濱。 Hong Kong’s much-loved outdoor event, the AIA Carnival is back this winter at the Central Harbourfront.





Hong Kong’s much loved outdoor event, the AIA Carnival is back this winter at the Central harbour front. A not-to-be-missed annual tradition for many, and a time for everyone to create new wonderful memories.

(*On the first day of the event 21st December 2023, the event will open at 4pm)

今年,友邦嘉年華會隨著節日而變身,由普天同慶的聖誕到慶祝除夕元旦直至農曆新年… 以及更多驚喜節目,無論第一次還是再次到訪嘉年華的朋友都會有全新獨特體驗。


This year, the AIA Carnival will transform over the festive season from a Christmas wonderland, to a New Year’s celebration, to a Chinese New Year spectacle… plus many more surprises up our sleeves. Making each and every visit a unique experience for both new and returning guests.

Your favourite rides and games will return alongside new world-class attractions, instagrammable installations, and delicious food stalls. A visit to the AIA Carnival is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Join us this winter!



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How to buy tickets online 如何網上門票

1. 選擇日期及門票類別

2. 選擇付款方式以完成購買過程

3. 列印門票或到訪時於流動裝置出示電子門票

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Ticket Prices & Packages 門票價錢及組合

Off-Peak, Standard, and Peak Days

非高峰時段, 普通時段, 及高峰時段

Terms & Conditions

Issue of tickets and admission to the AIA Carnival (‘Carnival’) are subject to our Rules and Regulations which are set out in the website at and at the Carnival entrance.

Each ticket is valid for one person single entry during the operational hours from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Children under 3 years old and Seniors aged 65 or above are permitted entry for free. Any Person entitled to this offer may be requested by our staff to produce a valid document for verification of eligibility.

Concession includes children aged 3 to 11 years and people with disabilities. An original copy of a valid documents for people with disabilities must be presented to the Carnival. Children aged 11 or below must be accompanied by a person aged 15 or above.

Ticket is non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable and only valid on the printed date of the ticket, with exception of clause 3.2. Ticket Exchanges in the Ticketing Terms and Conditions available at

Carnival may, without prior notice and without refund or compensation, change the operating hours of the Carnival or attractions, close the Carnival grounds or any part thereof temporarily, or suspend the operation of individual rides for weather, safety, maintenance, or any other reason.

The following activities are strictly prohibited in the Carnival: (a) Consumption of food or drink purchased outside the Carnival; (b) Sale of goods or services except with prior consent; (c) Commercial photography or videography except with prior consent; (d) Distribution of printed or recorded materials of any kind; (e) Unauthorised events, demonstrations or speeches, or the usage of any flag, banner or sign, and other unauthorised public gatherings; (f) Playing or operating remote-controlled flying devices; (g) Engaging in any unsafe act or other act that may impede the operation of the Carnival or any associated facility.

No pets or animals are permitted in the Carnival, other than service animals with valid identification.

Visitors accept and agree that the Carnival may take and use your images or video recordings for commercial purposes.

Visitors agree to comply with all notices and directions by any member of staff with the purpose of ensuring safety and order.

The Carnival reserves the right to deny admission, or to require removal from the Carnival grounds, without refund or compensation, for illegal, unsafe or offensive behaviour, or if we consider that the circumstances so require.

Except where required by law, under no circumstances are we liable for any damage, loss or personal injury suffered by you, whether the same is caused by our negligence or otherwise.

In the event of disputes, the Carnival reserves the right to make final judgment on the dispute and otherwise in respect of tickets.

In the event there are inconsistencies between the English and Chinese Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

These terms and conditions can change at any time. For full and conditions, including e-token & card terms and conditions, please visit

友邦嘉年華(以下簡稱 "嘉年華")的門票發放和入場須遵守我們的規則,規章守則載於網站 及嘉年華入口。

每張門票在上午 11:00 至晚上 11:00 的營業時間內單人單次入場有效。

3 歲以下兒童和 65 歲或以上長者可免費入場。任何享有此優惠的人士可能會被工作人員要求出示有效證件以核實其資格。

特惠門票包括 3 至 11 歲的兒童和殘障人士。殘障人士須向嘉年華出示有效證件正本。 11 歲或以下兒童 必須由 15 歲或以上人士陪同。



嘉年華嚴禁下列活動(a) 食用在嘉年華外購買的食物或飲料; (b) 出售商品或服務,事先徵得同意者除外; (c) 進行商業攝影或攝像,事先徵得同意者除外; (d) 分發任何種類的印刷品或錄音材料; (e) 未經許可的活動、示威或演講,或使用任何旗幟、橫幅或標誌,以及其他未經許可的公眾集會; (f) 玩耍或操作遙控飛行裝置; (g) 從事任何不安全的行為或其他可能妨礙嘉年華或任何相關設施運作的行為。




嘉年華有權拒絕非法、不安全或令人反感的行為,或在我們認為有必要的情況下,拒絕其入場, 或要求其離開嘉年華場地,而不給予退款或賠償。






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