AIA Vitality Hub - K-Pop 韓流舞蹈健身

Friday, 24 Mar 2023
18:30 — 19:20 HKT
From: Free

AIA Vitality Hub - K-Pop 韓流舞蹈健身

by AIA Vitality Hub - Zicket


Hong Kong Observation Wheel & AIA Vitality Park 33 Man Kwong Street Central HK

AIA Vitality Hub - K-Pop 韓流舞蹈健身

K-Pop Dance Fitness: Learn the famous dance moves from the K-Pop music videos we all know and love today while getting an incredible burn and sweat on! You will warm up like a dancer and repeat multiple moves and combinations to get your heart-rate up and burn out certain muscle groups. This is an extremely fun (and sexy) way to get your workout in. Come to MOVE, groove, sweat and dance along with your fav K-Pop stars!

K-Pop舞蹈健身班透過舞蹈加健身元素,令大家學習最受歡迎嘅K-Pop 健蹈,除咗可以接觸唔同嘅 K-POP舞蹈之外,同時仲會透過跳舞進行鍛煉,令肌肉群得到訓練,從而提高心率上升,有燃燒脂肪同塑造身體線條嘅功效。 立即感受K-Pop舞蹈健身班帶來嘅歡樂,喺舞動之中一嘗成為 K-Pop 明星嘅滋味,展現出個人魅力與風格!

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