LaughterLaughs @ the Aftermath ft Tim Chan, Vanessa Wong, & more!

Friday, 22 Mar 2024
19:00 — 21:00 HKT

LaughterLaughs @ the Aftermath ft Tim Chan, Vanessa Wong, & more!

by Comedy HK - Zicket


The Aftermath 57-59 Wyndham Street Hong Kong HK

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Comedy.HK returns to its favorite venue with a kicking rad lineup of Hong Kong's best and brightest comedic talents!

Tim Chan is the main performer in stand up comedy group “Hall of Laughs." Tim started his comedy career in 2011, winning the 2011 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition and has since sold out dozens of shows in Hong Kong and Australia. He has also performed in Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Vanessa Wong is an actress, living in a rom-com... but lacking the romantic part. Her picks in food are as suspecting as her picks in men.


Kari has rapidly risen in the Hong Kong scene since starting comedy in 2018. He's one of Iceland's greatest exports, and not just because they can't make anything else. Kari's humour revolves around his unique takes on nightlife and trying his best to never self improve. Catch him at a show or claiming he will definitely be home by midnight this time.


Kate Hu developed her unique sense of humor by always talking back to her very Chinese parents growing up. She was fascinated the first time she came across Jerry Seinfeld and Louie CK's comedy on the internet, though the Great Firewall. After years of copycatting her favorite comedians' jokes to her friends, she was finally pushed to write and perform her own stuff. Kate's dream is to become the first comedy therapist. It's been working for her... so far.


Chris Musni is a San Francisco native who moved to Hong Kong to achieve his lifelong dream of fame and fortune. Failing that, he took the stage and developed a witty comedic style that forces the audience to ask themselves questions such as “Why are things the way they are?” or “When is this show going to end?”

When not onstage you can find Chris’s big nose in a nonfiction book while thinking he’s better than you or he might be shooting hoops with basketballs in Tseung Kwan O.

"Very good." - Tom Arnold


Cassi FM chooses not to use her real last name because her family are already ashamed of her enough. Born and raised a Hong Kong "gwai mui", Cassi's number one interest in life is a bar in Lan Kwai Fong called Stormies. Other interests include ranting to people on a range of issues that that pretty much always fall on deaf ears such as: Hong Kong politics, feminism and the correct way to eat hairy crab. She can be seen around town performing stand up comedy or on one of her hit web shows, You Can't Sit With Us or Excuse My English and is usually being mobbed by a crowd of adoring fans.

In her spare time, Cassi enjoys making memes about english teachers on the internet. Cassi is a Hong Kong local though you wouldn't be able to tell it looking at her face and ability to wield an umbrella without poking out someones eyes. Her comedy style has been reviewed in quotes such as "abrasive" and "i wasn't aware there was even a show going on" and "that girl seemed really sad". She is the Founder, CEO, and Chairperson of the renowned shitposting group Chaotic Hong Kong Expats.

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