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The Wanch 90 Jaffe Road Hong Kong HK

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Independent live music organisation The Underground HK will celebrate its 19th anniversary supporting original music on April 22, with performances from an eclectic range of Hong Kong’s finest bands. The Underground, which held its first event on April 22, 2004, has since gone on to spotlight 600+ bands and host 260 events at venues around Hong Kong.

The Underground, which has supported and championed numerous bands and artists, including launching a charity to support full-time Hong Kong musicians struggling in the face of COVID-19 restrictions on live music performance, will hold its 19th YEAR celebration at The Wanch, one of Hong Kong's premier live music venues.

A full line-up of fabulous and fiercely original Hong Kong bands includes:

LE GROUPE ELECTROGENE FANFARE CLUB, the ultimate festival band, paying tribute to famous marching bands, classic French songs and melodies, fuelled with pastis and camaraderie. We challenge you not to dance to this!

REVERY, a local band managed by Robin Law and Sammy So, members of leading local act KOLOR. With infectious melodies and razor-sharp riffs, you will instantly see why he predicts great things for this hot young rock band.

MURPHY'S LAW – we move over for some reggaeton courtesy of MURPHY'S LAW, who last graced The Underground’s Wild Boar Music Festival. Bringing reggae and dancehall back with passion and pizzazz, the band will have fans on their feet in seconds, they promise.

The noise level picks up with YUSOBEIT, an indie rock four-piece delivering Cantonese melodies blended with multi-genre music influences. The highly versatile alt-rock act definitely make a big impression. Local alternative metallers and The Underground favourites WHAT THEY DO will connect like-minded audiences from all backgrounds through their brand of alternative rock.

Finally, to close this momentous occasion, Eurasian twin brothers FXITHXHXPE will rap about the multi-cultural beat of growing up and living in Asia’s most exciting city.

“It’s fantastic to be celebrating our 19th birthday at The Wanch! When we created The Underground's first event at Joe Bananas bar in 2004, we could not have imagined the success and longevity of our local independent music showcases,” said Chris B, founder of The Underground HK.

“Fast forward 19 years, 600+ bands and nearly 300 events in more than 30 different venues around HK have taken place. And while it’s wonderful to remember the bands who played The Underground shows before going on to bigger and better things, it's also vital for us to continue to provide a showcase for new and upcoming bands. And lastly, despite Covid-19 restrictions, that we still managed to host 14 events in the past three years is almost unbelievable.”

Thank you to distributor Hopless Daze for providing exclusive beers from England - Black Country Ales 'BFG (Golden Ale' and Chain Ale (Session Ale) - debuting at in Hong Kong at Underground's 19th Anniversary Party.

Lucky Draw Giveaway

Along with watching great bands, the audience will also get a chance to win fabulous prizes in a lucky draw, including:

· Tom Lee Music Gift Certificate (HK$1000) (1 prize)

· Noble FoKus H-ANC wireless earphones courtesy of ECT (HK$980 value) (3 prizes)

· AZLA POM1000 earplugs courtesy of ECT (HK$438 value) (2 prizes)

· Portrait session from Asher Chan Photography (HK$2,000 value)

· HK$500 gift voucher from Noise Origin (band merchandise site) (2 prizes)

· Bottle of Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum sponsored by Timeless & Tasty (HK$680 value)

· 90-minute online wellbeing session for a group of ten or less, courtesy of Positive Wellbeing (HK$5,000 value)

· A voucher for two to attend a ‘Find Your Style’ art class at Gowld Art Centre (HK$560 value)

UNDERGROUND's 19th Year Anniversary Party

Saturday 22nd April 2023

8 p.m. – 1 a.m.


FEATURING:Le Groupe Electrogene Fanfare Club (funky marching band)Revery (rock)Murphy's Law (reggae dancehall)Yusobeit (indie rock)

What They Do (alternative metal)Fxithxhxpe (rap)

Early bird tickets are HK$180 (including one drink and one lucky draw chance) until March 22nd, 2023.

Advance tickets are HK$250 (including one drink and one lucky draw chance)

Walk-in tickets are HK$300 (including one drink and one lucky draw chance)

過去19年來,The Underground HK為香港帶來260場音樂會,並見證超過600隊樂隊為大家帶來歡樂。今年,Underground將聯同六支樂隊回歸本地音樂殿堂The Wanch舉辦其19週年週年紀念派對。

The Underground一直大力支持本地音樂發展,致力於培育一代又一代音樂創作者以及樂隊立足於業界,更在新冠肺炎期間發起慈善基金支援本地音樂家渡過各種防疫限制。隨著防疫規例取消,我們將帶大家帶來一夜狂歡,慶祝香港復常並記錄The Underground的新一章。

The Underground 19週年週年紀念派對講囊括風格迴異但同樣激情奔放的六支樂隊:

LE GROUPE ELECTROGENE FANFARE CLUB: 香港唯一的法式軍樂隊。剛於Clockenflap表演的他們以法式旋律以及動人歌聲著稱,你將難以抗拒他們的節奏,隨樂聲起舞!

REVERY: 由KOLOR主音Sammy和吉他手Robin擔任經理人的他們踏入成軍第12年,剛完成他們首場專場演出。伴隨著他們來的是富感染性的旋律以及清脆的樂句,聽罷不難想像蘊含於REVERY的潛力。

MURPHY'S LAW: 這支樂隊上次於The Underground出現已是野豬音樂節,這次他們繼續帶來激情的雷鬼與即興舞蹈(dancehall), 他們更承諾觀眾們將跟隨他們擺動身體,享受音樂與舞蹈帶來的樂趣。

緊隨而來的是本地獨立樂隊YUSOBEIT,多才多藝的他們融合各種音樂風格,他們的另類搖滾絕對會令大家留下深刻印象。深受另類金屬迷以及The Underground 樂迷喜愛的WHAT THEY DO 會接著把音量調高,讓各位沉醉於一陣又一陣的強勁節拍。


The Underground 的創辦人 Chris B. 指:「很興奮The Underground即將於The Wanch 迎來19週年的慶祝派對!當 The Underground 19年前在 Joe Bananas Bar舉辦第一場表演時根本難以想像香港獨立音樂可以如此蓬勃發展——

「19年後,The Underground已在超過30個表演場地舉辦近300場音樂會。我們很感恩各表演團體多年來的支持,並以此為起點發展他們的音樂旅程;同時我們應秉持初心,繼續為新晉樂團提供發光發熱的舞台。最後,儘管新冠肺炎期間現場演出受到諸多限制,我們仍然舉辦了14場令人振奮的音樂會,實在令人感到鼓舞。」

我們感激啤酒入口商Hopless Daze為是次音樂會贊助來自英國伯明翰的兩種傳統英式麥酒:Black Country Ale的 BFG (Golden Ale)以及Chain Ale (Session Ale)。



通利琴行禮券 (價值 HK$1000) (名額 1 位)

• 由ECT 贊助 Noble FoKus H-ANC 無線耳機(價值 HK$980)(名額 3 位)

• 由ECT 贊助 AZLA POM1000 耳塞(價值 HK$438)(名額 2 位)

• 由Asher Chan photography 送出的攝影服務(價值 HK$2000)(名額 1 位)

• 由Noise Origin(樂隊商品網站)送岀的購物禮券(價值HK$500)(名額2位)

• 由Timeless & Tasty 送出的Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum(價值 HK$680)(名額 1 位)

• 由Positive Wellbeing 送出的網上精神健康與心靈發展團體課程(10人)(價值 HK$5000)(名額 1 位)

• 由覺藝術中心送出的‘Find Your Style’ 藝術課程2人禮券(價值 HK$560)(名額 1 位)

Underground 十九週年派對

2023 年 4月22日 (星期六)

8pm - 1am

The Wanch, 灣仔謝斐道90號豫港大廈1樓

早鳥優惠: HK$180 (3/22或之前購票)

預售門票: HK$250

即場門票 : HK$300


查詢電話 : (852) 9486 4648


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