Chaotic Comedy Show Cum Modmin Panel

Thursday, 09 Feb 2023
20:00 — 23:00 HKT

Chaotic Comedy Show Cum Modmin Panel

by Comedy HK - Zicket


The Aftermath 57-59 Wyndham Street Hong Kong HK

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Comedy HK is back!

A raucous night of a normal ass comedy show followed by the first-ever live Q&A sesh with some modmin, which is apparently a portmanteau of mods & admin and not just a kawaii way of referring to mods as I’ve assumed for years.

Comedy show featuring Chaotic founder Cassi, her Chaotic husband who’s an award-winning comedian, Chaotic IG intern who’s a much less renowned comedian, and two handsome Chinese Canadian comedians who sometimes post on Chaotic and have a podcast that isn’t the Chaotic podcast. It’s called Laugh Die Me. Modmin panel will feature 2, possibly 3, members of the modmin team. Plus special guests! Who are they? Could be Kelly. Could be Regina Ip. Could be Kelly. Buy a ticket and find out!

* Garron Chiu (Comedy Central Asia, Hong Kong International Comedy Competition: Winner)

* Cassi Thomas (Chaotic Hong Kong Expats: Founder & Chairperson)

* Tamby Chan (Laugh Factory's Funniest Person in the World Contest)

* Tim To (La Dolce Vita [TVB Pearl], Toys R Us)

* Ashley James (Ocean Park Comedy featuring Vivek Mahbubani)