Home Sweet Woof! Festival - Dog Training & Hi! Doggie

Event Details

「Home Sweet Woof! Festival」x SummerFest 2021 will be held from July 29 to August 6, 2021, for 9 days at Central Harbourfront Event Space. It is going to be the grand finale event of the whole SummerFest2021.

It will hold an event full of love and joy with the themes of "Pets", "Parent-Child" and "Families". Throughout all different activities, wishfully could increase the public’s understanding of pets and implement the vision of having a pets-friendly community.

Home Sweet Woof! Festival is all about fun and yum! Everyone can enroll in the Professional Dog Training Lesson, Children First in Touch with Dogs, Parent-Child Handcraft Workshops and different types of Game Activities, as well as Healthy Life Sharing Section, or shop around the Pets/Families and Handcraft Bazaar, there are also serving Fresh Food for Pets; Street Food, Craft Beer or Cold Drinks for all families and dogs and chill at the resting area! After a resting moment, kids can go to the Free Play Kids zone to enjoy free time, dogs are free to run around at the Free Run Area, and also there is a dog cooling area for dogs to cool down too!

Welcome everyone bring their dogs to join the festival, and most importantly, IT IS FREE ENTRY!!!


Event Details

Date: July 29 to August 6, 2021
Time: 14:00-22:00
Location: Central Waterfront Event Space

Various activities suitable for dogs, parent-child and public activities

Provide online registration and on-site registration for free and pay as you go programs.

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《Training Woof!》


It is a group basic dog training provided by a professional dog trainer Patter Lam, strengthens dog social training, establishes a good relationship between humans and dogs, and allows dogs to build good and healthy relationships during their growth. A stable basis of obedience, and improve the relationship between the owner and the dog, so that the owner can continue to practice after the training.

All training needs to be completed with the assistance of the owner's understanding and continuous effective training. Training method is effective for any dog, at any age, the language of Instruction will be in cantonese only.

Time Section:

A) 18:30 - 20:00 (90mins)

B) 20:30 - 22:00 (90mins)

Online Offering : HKD $180

Limited of participant per time section: 10 groups

Participants in each group: One person can bring one dog

Age of Participants: Those who are 16 years old or younger can be accompanied by an adult, and those who are over 17 years old are counted as a single person

Participants who successfully participate in "Training Woof!" can receive a beautiful gift bag from Mongolian Chew x Buddy Bites x Hoffe Coffee Hong Kong with a total value of more than HK$160.

《Hi! Doggie》

Senior dog owners sharing tips on how to let children get along with doggies and demonstrate the skills of petting dogs for the first time. It is especially suitable for children who have never been in contact or get along with dogs.

In addition to the health of children, many parents may be worried about the safety of children getting along with doggies. Dogs can be children’s best playmates. First of all, they must start from the correct introduction.

When meeting for the first time, each other may be at a loss. During the activity, they will demonstrate together with the children, and explain the reasons and considerations behind each behavior in the process. , To create a harmonious time and strengthen children's love and empathy.

Time Section:

A) 16:00 - 16:20 (20mins)

B) 17:00 - 17:20 (20mins)

Limited of participant per time section: 10 peoples

Participants in each group: Each adult can bring no more than one child aged 6-12 to participate

Participants who successfully participate in "Hi! Doggie" can receive a beautiful gift bag from Hoffe Coffee Hong Kong